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Public Moves
Workshop Zeitgenössischer Tanz

19.07.2023 17:00-18:15
01.08.2023 18:30 - 19:45

Donaupark, Wien

The will to move
Tanzen bedeutet für Leonie Wahl Freiheit von Ausdruck ohne ästhetischen Grenzen aber auch Kraft und Energie. Wir werden viele Moves lernen und kombinieren sie zu zeitgenössischer Tanzphrasen aus ihrem umfangreichem Stilrepertoire.

(c) Günter Macho

Contemporary dance and improvisation

In my extensive work as a dancer in various areas of stage art, I was able to gain a lot of experience and develop my individual movement quality. This class combines a variety of techniques with the aim of bringing the body to an energetic level in an efficient manner. We begin with "letting go" techniques of floor work to draw attention to all those forces that affect our body and its movements, both still and dynamic. We do exercises to strengthen our core and organize the body towards a natural flexibility, in order to then develop that flexibility throughout space. The exercises flow into each other and are rounded off by learning choreographies from my repertoire and exploring improvisation.

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